My name is Santiago Arriaga. I am a Mexican photographer and director. I was born into a humanistic family, where the image and storytelling were important and fundamental to understand the meaning of life. My mother, a photographer, and my father, a writer and film director, taught me how to narrate and feel through images. From a very young age I became obsessed with light, framing, colors, shadows, people,  stories.

When I was 11 years old, we moved to Texas while my father was filming the movie he wrote: “Three Burials Of Melquíades Estrada”. In that state my passion for photography grew and I became interested with the themes that inhabited those landscapes and those stories; the desert, the solitude, the light of sunsets, the calloused hands, the faces. That experience began to create in me a powerful drive and an internal voice in which those themes become inherent to my way of seeing life. 


I studied Communications with a specialty in cinema, along with my sister Mariana, we began to direct: short films, commercials, music videos and we started a production bureau called Memento Mori. 

I'm currently working on the preproduction of my first feature film and on my photographic series. 

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